Freedom In Christ-Purpose

Freedom In Christ Ministry

Freedom is being set free from bondage, demonic oppression, being freed anything that would keep you from experiencing life the way God intended you to live. I am absolutely convinced that God desires us to live in the same lifestyle as that of the early church, where healing, deliverance, and miracles flowed as a normal way of life.


To Equip the Saints:
To educate the saints in what true freedom in Christ is, and how it can be applied to their lives, to provide spiritual weapons to fight the enemy, to break generational curses, to understand how the enemy attacks, to free those who are in bondage.

To Empower the Believer:
To know that you have the power to pull down strongholds in your life, the power to cast out devils, power to heal the sick, and recovery of sight to the blind, for the believer to know that by the Holy Spirit within them they have dunamis power.

Engage the Community:
To minister freedom to those who are in our community, our grocery stores, our social circle of friends, neighbors, and even relatives by inviting them to come to the Freedom in Christ Bible Study or by getting in contact with a ministry leader for immediate freedom.

To Enlarge our Territory:
As more saints are educated as to what the Freedom in Christ Ministry is and the depths of deliverance and learn the tools of how to apply the learned knowledge to their lives then they will be able to show someone else of what true freedom is and they may be led to start another Freedom in Christ Bible study at their home.

To Ensure Excellence:
Being led by His Spirit; Praying; Seeking God First in all we do or say.

Ministry Leader: Minister Matthew Cathern

The Freedom in Christ ministry is two fold. If you are in need of immediate freedom then you can contact one of the ministry leaders who will educate you on deliverance and most of all walk with you in the process of deliverance as he or she ministers to you. You may also join our Freedom in Christ Bible Study where we will dive deep into God’s Word and hearing what He has to say concerning deliverance. The Freedom in Christ Bible Study meets every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the lounge.